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Global Shift Podcast with George Peterson EPISODE 34: JESSE HARLESS

Join Jesse Harless and myself for episode 34 of Global Shift Podcast as

In this episode, we discuss his upcoming book: "If Not You, Then Who?" Learn more about Jesse's second book and his FEARS Recovery Toolkit"

Length: 1:03:03


3:38 Talking Trauma and Jesse’s Story.

9:45 Talking Jesse’s first book: Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers.”

15:30 Talking Cold Showers and anxiety.

22:22 Talking getting out of our comfort zone.

25:22 Talking Jesse’s upcoming book: "If Not You, Then Who?"

29:10 Talking Jesse’s "F.E.A.R.S Recovery Toolkit" that his new book offers.

43:20 Talking intuition and meditation.

46:33 Talking the case studies and research that went into Jesse’s book.

47:44 Talking Jesse’s two week plant-based challenge in the book.

55:55 Talking Jesse’s facilitation and coaching work.

58:23 Final 3 questions.


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