I'm Jesse, and I'm a leader in the addiction recovery and mental health space. My passion is to help individuals and organizations share their voices in order to co-create a better world for us all.  


I facilitate highly interactive online and in-person workshops and events to help individuals and organizations discover their inherent ability to increase resilience, harness strengths, amplify appreciation, and create purposeful visions.

I'm also a life coach who emphasizes spiritual growth as a way for someone to realize their dreams. Do you ever look at successful people and wonder why some seem to have it so easy in life while others fight a daily battle with struggle and resistance? Having experienced this myself, I'm here to help you in

  • expanding your self-awareness

  • increasing your resilience capacity

  • embracing new positive habits

  • smashing your comfort zone

  • creating new possibilities

  • trusting your intuition

  • taking bold actions

  • uncovering your strengths

  • reaching your full potential


If you're ready to create a path of trusting your heart, I'm here to assist you.

Check out my work in mental health and addiction recovery @

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Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers
How to Boost Your Energy, Defeat Your Anxiety, and Overcome Unwanted Habits
Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers is about reclaiming your life, your recovery, your self-confidence, and your potential.
"Reading about cold showers will warm your heart." - Maureen Mckenna, Founder, Return on Energy

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