"We're all recovering from something, so let's be compassionate towards one another."

---- Jesse Harless


Jesse Harless

My purpose is to use my passion, authenticity, and intuition to help others genuinely express their unique stories and strengths in a loving and powerful way. 

After graduating from Rivier University with a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and landing my "dream job," I knew I was not doing the work I was put on Earth to do. I decided to follow my intuition and left my job to help empower people in addiction and mental health recovery. Today I run Entrepreneurs in Recovery® to facilitate workshops, training, and events for individuals, recovery community organizations, companies, learning environments, addiction treatment, and mental health centers. I've also helped design groups for PHP in addiction treatment. My work today is helping to build communities of recovery.

I started Entrepreneurs in Recovery® in 2017 to transform the lives of 5000 men and women in addiction recovery through one-on-one coaching, facilitation and speaking. I've expanded my work into communities, certified addiction recovery coaching, workplaces, and sober living residences throughout the United States. I'm an XCHANGE certified guide and faculty member with a deep passion for facilitating meaningful conversations to bring out the best in people, the community, and the world. You can learn more about my facilitation work and training at RecoveryFacilitation.com

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My addiction and mental health recovery story began in 2005. At 22 years old, I was looking at spending many years of my life in federal prison due to my addiction to cocaine and opioids. Facing severe consequences for my actions, I began connecting with mentors, connecting with a recovery community, changing my daily habits, and focusing on my recovery. The method I developed is called The FEARS recovery toolkit - Focus, Elevate, Appreciate, Resilience, Self-care. I'm also a HeartMath® Certified Trainer ready to help companies and organizations learn how to build team coherence and thrive.


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Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers.

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I facilitate events, training, and workshops worldwide. Contact me to learn more about Xchange Recovery.