"We're all recovering from something, so let's be compassionate towards one another."


Jesse Harless

My purpose is to use my passion, authenticity, and intuition to help others genuinely express their unique stories and strengths in a loving and powerful way. 

After graduating from Rivier University with a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and landing my "dream job," I knew I was not doing the work I was put on Earth to do. I decided to follow my intuition and left my job to help empower people. Today I run training and events for companies, recovery community organizations, non-profits, accountability/drug/recovery courts, addiction treatment, and mental health centers. I've also helped design groups for PHP in addiction treatment. My work today is helping train organizations to create an empowering future of connection, safety, and harmony.

I'm an XCHANGE Certified Facilitator with a deep passion for creating meaningful conversations to bring out the best in people, the community, and the world. You can learn more about my facilitation work and training at RecoveryFacilitation.com

Why you should give cold showers a try

The research-backed advantages of cold showers

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How you can change your story by shattering self-imposed barriers.

How to ease your anxiety and reduce depression

How to increase self-discipline and develop self-confidence


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Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers.

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I run training and events worldwide. Please contact me to learn more about becoming a Certified Facilitator in Addiction Awareness.