Recovery is possible.


Your story matters. No matter who you are, where you've been, or what you've done ---- nothing has been wasted.

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About The Author

JESSE HARLESS is a leader and facilitator in the addiction recovery and mental health space. As CEO of Entrepreneurs in Recovery®, he facilitates highly experiential online and in-person training that helps individuals and organizations harness their strengths, elevate purpose, and create safety. Jesse holds a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Rivier University and is a HeartMath® certified trainer, XCHANGE faculty member, and bestselling author of Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers.

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Lisa Smith, author of

Girl Walks Out of A Bar

"Jesse Harless' powerful story of addiction and recovery would be enough to inspire and motivate others dealing with similar struggles. But he also brings to this book a practical step-by-step recovery plan to put that inspiration and motivation into action.


Jean LaCour, PhD

 founder of ICARE

"Jesse Harless is a gifted storyteller able to share his own ‘gritty’ recovery journey and his intuitive life lessons in a way that invites us all to suit up and show up once more in the exciting game of life!

Hal Elrod, author of

The Miracle Morning

"If Not You, Then Who? is a remarkable story of Jesse Harless’ battle with addiction and his formula for finding success in recovery. He’s living proof of what’s possible for someone in recovery who follows their heart. This book is a new paradigm of what’s possible for all of us.

Use The FEARS Journal to track your progress with the FEARS recovery toolkit. It is designed to capture your breakthroughs, adversities, wins, synchronicities, lessons, healing, and gratitude. 


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“Jesse's kindness, courage, and wisdom are          needed at this moment.”

-Neil Campbell, Executive Director for the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse

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