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Are you feeling disconnected, restless, uninspired, or unfulfilled with your current life situation?

Do you want to:

  • improve your health, relationships, and energy

  • connect deeper with your intuition and authentic self

  • create a meaningful vision for your life

  • overcome destructive habits and addictions

  • heal unresolved trauma, once and for all

  • discover your life purpose

  • find more peace

You are in the right place.


My name is Jesse Harless and I'm here to help guide you. In addition to holding a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling, I'm also a certified intuitive coach, HeartMath® certified trainer and a health detoxification specialist.


I take an integrative and holistic approach. My coaching is here to unlock your inherent resilience, wisdom, and purpose in a supportive and safe environment.


We will move at your own pace as you begin to work through specific blocks, destructive habits, inner conflicts and trauma, emotional addictions, limiting beliefs, and challenges that sabotage your vision and dreams.

You will experience a life transformation on all levels.

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My life has been richer because of your coaching.


You are a shining star, a game-changer, and an amazing spirit in human form. You have a deep sincerity and love for what you do and how you are in the world. My life has been richer because of your coaching


Kirit P.

Jesse has helped me take charge of my life.


Ever since we have started working together, Jesse has helped me take charge of my life and become a power of example and inspiration to others. His knowledge took my newly developed business to levels that I could not have created alone. I’m extremely thankful for what coaching with Jesse has done for me; it has helped me gain clarity, set and achieve goals, and release blocks to instantaneous results and success.


From a business standpoint, Jesse's coaching has helped me live a life of abundance and show up as the best version of myself. Jesse is constantly conditioning me to make the most of my life and take advantage of any opportunities that come my way.


George P.

I knew intuitively Jesse was the sign I had been looking for.


“I was feeling restless and uninspired in my current job position.  Working as intake staff for a nonprofit law firm gives me the opportunity to serve my community but I did not feel I am aligned with my calling.  By chance I attended an event where Jesse gave an inspiring lecture about focusing on daily recovery, elevating your mind, being appreciative, reflecting on an action plan, and practicing self-care.

I knew intuitively Jesse was the sign I had been looking for.  I reached out to him for guidance on a program for coaching children I had been contemplating. I hired Jesse to be my business coach, but he turned out to be so much more. Working with him has shifted my perspective to see there is so much more possible for me than I thought. He has helped me to value and even celebrate who I am. I am so much more confident now, as a result.

Jesse’s coaching is not conventional. He is very spiritually based and coaches from the heart. He is vulnerable and open to showing his authentic self, which gives me permission to be my authentic self. It’s as if he is guiding me back to myself. He embodies and believes in the methods he is teaching. He is living the life he has always wanted and wants that same experience for you. He creates a space where he helps you become aware of what may be holding you back. And then helps you reframe that thinking.

I got more out of the experience than I was expecting. He has helped me to create joy and happiness in my everyday life, and to embrace living from my heart. Working with him has deepened my spiritual awareness. I feel like he is helping me to change the trajectory of my life. I’m glad I took the leap of faith to start this coaching with him. He is a bright light in my life and he has shown up for me in ways I didn’t think were possible.”


Kristine D.

I began to shift into alignment with what I'm really here to do in life.

“Before I started working with Jesse, I had very little vision for what I wanted out of life. Going to my day job was a drag and I felt stuck. I've now become more motivated than ever to move out of that lifestyle as I develop an awareness of my life's purpose. The past six months have been very enlightening as I began to shift into alignment with what I'm really here to do in life. I'm always looking forward to our calls together because I feel more on track when we finish.


I was not expecting to become a coach or write a book when we started working together, but it's amazing what can happen with some guidance and accountability. I would encourage anyone who wants to work with Jesse to take the leap because it can transform your life. I am very much looking forward to seeing what results come about!”


Brandon T.

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