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As a person who has spent the past few decades trying to overcome destructive addictions,

I have read dozens of books and articles and tested countless theories about mindset and psychology. I could learn from my failures because I have extensively documented my journey to overcome social anxiety, fear, and negative behaviors that have baffled and shackled me for nearly two decades.

Jesse Harless Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers


Learn how to break unhealthy cycles of thought and behavior by taking a sensible cold shocking – first step into an unknown.

Jesse invites us into his intimate journey from its beginning to present day. His experience living with multiple addictions from an early age highlights that being vulnerable in an unforgiving world can negatively impact anyone. Jesse learned to turn vulnerability into strength. His story offers a thoughtfully candid panorama of his life, and of the human condition, in order to help readers to turn over rocks and dare to see the possibilities underneath.

Jesse’s story is relatable to anyone

who has felt stuck, tired, uninspired,

who have hit a wall running on the fumes of yesterday’s fuel

who have tried various methods to get a bit of magic back in their lives, only to settle for disappointment

And his solution, though simple, is one that can reinvigorate a sense of wonder and self-determination for anyone willing to step behind the curtain alongside him.

Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers is about reclaiming your life, your recovery, your self-confidence, and your innate potential.
"Reading about cold showers will warm your heart." 
 Maureen Mckenna, Founder, Return on Energy

"I found Smash Your Comfort Zone on Amazon when I searched stress. Seeing all the 5 star ratings I immediately ordered it for my husband (79) who has a lot of stress and anxiety issues in his life.


From Day 1 of my husband's first cold shower I saw a big difference in him because he immediately made the connection between overcoming the fear of taking a cold shower (a huge accomplishment) and applying the same principle to overcoming the stress and anxiety that his life, especially his work, does to him.


Once my husband realized he could overcome his fears and do the showers he went straight to applying the same concept to overcoming his other issues.


My husband is now totally into this cold shower thing and regularly talks about it as a life changer. He is happier, more relaxed, more confident, and encouraged about his whole life through this experience! Talk about a happy (non cold shower) wife!"

Carolyn Ellis



Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 4.09.55 PM.png

Jesse Harless’s book, Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers, is for anyone looking to take their life to the next level and shift gears from fine to extraordinary. I was a skeptic of cold showers, but have learned from this book why cold showers are a powerful game-changer. As a recovering food addict, I have found the practice of cold showers to be highly impactful in changing my mindset, emotional state and recovery. This is a must-read for anyone who is eager and ready getting comfort- able being uncomfortable in order to design and live out their best life, one cold shower at a time.” 

– Julie Reisler, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Life Designer®

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Jesse Harless, M.A. is a facilitator in the addiction recovery and mental health space. He is the author of Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers and the creator of Entrepreneurs in Recovery® Workshops, which are highly experiential online and in-person workshops to help individuals and organizations discover their inherent ability to increase resilience, harness strengths, amplify appreciation, and create purposeful visions.

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