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The Better Than Rich Show | Overcoming Addiction with Jesse Harless

If you’re habitually engaging in something destructive, you’re an addict. Your drug of choice can be as seemingly innocuous as food or constantly scrolling social media. The common denominator in addiction is that it is a behavior that causes destruction and usually stems from trauma. Jesse Harless is an expert when it comes to working through trauma and addiction. He’s also an expert when it comes to recovery. Using his own journey toward recovery, Jesse picked up various tools (and not just the 12 steps you hear about all the time either) that helped him recover and maintain a healthy mind and body, as well as write two bestsellers and run a successful business. Trauma is universal, we’ve all experienced it at some point and part of Jesse’s philosophy is to encourage people to look at their behavior with a spirit of curiosity to see what past traumas are to blame. Did you know that “gut feeling” you notice at times is something very real and starting to get attention from the scientific community? Jesse knows that the body has its own intuition and can store experiences from the past. He’s also become an expert on how certain physical activities (cold shower anyone?) can help us grow and heal. Our time with Jesse in this latest episode of The Better Than Rich Show was a real revelation and we hope you’ll take the time to hear his story and learn how you can effectively heal the traumas from your past and reach your full potential.

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