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Mindset Change Podcast with Paul Sheppard

My latest podcast interview on Mindset Change with Paul Sheppard is out.


From the show notes:

“Jesse discusses how after being on his journey of addiction and trauma recovery, he eventually got to the other side and discovered his true calling and passion for helping others expand, elevate, and find personal coherence.

He shares how resetting your baseline is key and why reaching out for help is a crucial part of moving forward and changing.


• Reframe it as being addicted to our thinking, behaviors, and emotions, and every person has an addiction. • If something isn’t talked about, it is prevented from coming to the surface and becomes a shadow part of ourselves. • I started to change my habits and the people around me. I broke the habit of being myself. • Through the incredible journey of stress, drama, addiction, and harm on the other side was an incredible gift. • Reach out and ask for help - connection is everything. • Addictions don’t change overnight, but cycling through different habits helps you to find a way. • Personal coherence is being in your optimal state when the heart, mind, and emotions are aligned and in sync.

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