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Addictions, Recovery and Coming Back to Life with Jon Vroman

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Jon Vroman:

My friend Johnny Kane didn’t just recommend that I read Jesse Harless’s book, If Not You, Then Who?he told me that everybody should read it.

And man, was Johnny right. I was blown away by the first 50 pages. It’s a raw, shockingly good, honest memoir about addiction and recovery. But it’s more than that.

Instead of simply sharing his very moving story of struggles with addiction and his road to recovery, Jesse gives his readers the power to take action and change their lives–or provide someone close to them with the help they need.

After reading the book, I knew I needed to chat with Jesse, especially as we all work to unpack the collective trauma we faced as a society in 2020. In this conversation, we dig into how he became a thought leader in the world of addiction and recovery, why we’re all addicts of some kind, and how to replace the patterns that don’t serve us with ones that can make our lives better.

I strongly feel like this is a book that everyone should read right now, so as a thank you for listening, I want to gift it to you! All I ask is that you write an honest review of the podcast on Apple. Be sure to mention the Jesse Harless episode in your review, take a screenshot, and email it to and I’ll mail you a copy of the book.

Read it, share it, and let us know how it impacted you–I’m confident you’ll love it!

Jesse Harless’ Podcast Highlights

  • What led Jesse to become a leader in the addiction and recovery space.

  • How do cold showers help us fight anxiety?

  • What are people recovering from right now–especially as dads and entrepreneurs?

  • The difference between a habit and an addiction.

  • How do people become aware of their addictions?

  • What are the biggest addictions affecting people right now?

  • What percentage of 30-50 year old men have an addiction of some kind?

  • How to help your kids navigate addictions, including screens and social media.

  • Why the opioid crisis is being swept under the rug in our society.

  • At what age are people exposed to addictive drugs?

  • What is the FEARS model?

  • What does daily recovery from all the trauma we face each day look like, and how can we talk about this with our kids, no matter how old they are?

  • What does long-term recovery from addiction look like?

Jesse Harless’ Bio

Jesse Harless is an Addiction Recovery and Mental Health coach and is a leader in this space. His passion is to help individuals and purpose-driven organizations share their voices to co-create a better world for us all.

​He runs online and in-person training events as an Xchange trained facilitator to help individuals and organizations discover their inherent ability to elevate purpose, deepen connections, harness strengths, build safety, and more!​

Jesse is also a FEARS coach and HeartMath® Certified Trainer who emphasizes intuition and resilience as a way for someone to realize their dreams.

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