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Highly experiential events and workshops to help individuals and organizations discover their inherent ability to increase coherence, build resilience, harness strengths, amplify appreciation, and create purposeful visions.


Building Resilience in Recovery Workshop

We study moments of resilience and tap into the individual and collective strengths of the group. Next, the group creates an empowering sentence of resilience which is turned into a personal resilience affirmation. This is followed by an action plan that embodies resilience for success in life and recovery.

Elevate Your Recovery Workshop

We study moments of excellence and tap into the collective resourcefulness of the group. Next is a guided visualization of the future followed by the creation of an action plan to bring the images to life.

Focus On Your Recovery Workshop

We focus on times when a participant was a positive influence in the and tap into individual success factors. Next is a group activity to co-shape and design your ideal recovery relationship followed by the creation of your recovery team.

Appreciate Your Recovery Workshop

We focus on moments of appreciation followed by a journaling activity of activities and actions you appreciate and love doing. Next is a group activity were participants co-create a skit or magazine cover regarding activities they love to do. Each group participant is invited to create an action plan of things they love and enjoy doing.

Self-Care in Recovery Workshop

We study moments of health and wellness followed by self-care actions and goals relating to the mind, body, and spirit. Next, we divide into groups to ideate an ideal self-care routine for recovery. This activity is followed by each participant creating their own daily self-care routine.

Elevate the lives of people in addiction and mental health recovery who might be lost, stuck, or lack direction to gain clarity and live a life of purpose.
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Individuals and organizations who are interested Entrepreneurs in Recovery® events want to:

  • Make an impact today.

  • Be part of the new paradigm of change.

  • Bring an engaging and powerful experience to their company, community, or organization.

  • Be on the cutting edge – those who are looking for an experience unlike any other.

How can I help serve this mission?

  • Get Trained.

  • Hire Entrepreneurs in Recovery® to design and facilitate your next event.

  • Spread the word.

  • Donate Scholarship Funds!

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