• Jesse Harless

Healing Beyond Recovery Podcast with Mike Govoni

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In this episode Jesse Harless, CEO and founder of Entrepreneurs In Recovery covers a lot of ground. Jesse is all about personal growth, taking big risk in his recovery and helping people along the way! We dive into Jesse’s personal story of addiction and after finding himself facing potential jail time in a federal penitentiary, he got sober, went back to college and received his M.A in Mental Health Counseling. Now he has a thriving company and his helping people in recovery find greater meaning and find their purpose in recovery.

We discuss the launch of his new book “If Not You, Then Who?” A hybrid book of his personal memoir along with an action plan to live your best most healthiest, happiest life in recovery.

Jesse and I share our commonalities such as: being survivors of childhood trauma, addiction and being an empath.

When we first discovered this on our pre-podcast call together it was like a light bulb moment for me. I’ve met so many other empaths in recovery and so has Jesse. We talk about what being an empath is and the specific traits empaths tend to have.

Jesse also shares how to work with being an empath, specifically how to create boundaries so you're not taking on other peoples energy or allowing them to suck up yours. This is truly an enlightening episode and I’m happy to share Jesse with you on the show!

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